Poor job prospects pile the pressure on accountants

British accountants are more stressed about their job prospects and the
economy than most of the international counterparts, according to a new survey.

Eighty eight per cent of UK accountancy and finance professionals questioned
said they were concerned about the health of the UK economy over the next 12
months, the survey by recruitment company Robert Half found.

Only respondents in Ireland were more downbeat than the British, with 90%
expressing concern about the economy there.

Job insecurity, worries about the economy and waning optimism about their
company’s prospects were the top concerns cited by more than 3,500 international
finance professionals in 14 countries.

Nearly half (49%) of British finance professionals said they were less
confident about the security of their own jobs compared to 12 months ago, and
76% said they were delaying plans to change jobs.

Just 57% of British respondents said they were optimistic about the future of
their own company.

Finance professionals in Dubai and Brazil were more upbeat, with 88% and 73%
respectively, saying they were optimistic about their company’s future.

Job prospects for UK accountants willing to work abroad are more encouraging.

In Dubai and New Zealand, where 36% and 31% of finance professionals
respectively said their companies would be hiring, job opportunities remain.

Other countries that plan to hire include Hong Kong (31%), Brazil (30%) and
Singapore (19%).

Phil Sheridan, managing director of Robert Half UK said: ‘Finance and
accounting provides a very transferable skill set, which allows movement across
different industry sectors and countries.’

‘Working abroad for a period of time presents not only an exciting
opportunity from a lifestyle perspective, but can also add significantly to the
value of one’s CV.’

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