Brown embarrassed by environment minister

Chancellor Gordon
– the apparent prime minister in waiting – has been embarrassed by a
statement by one of his fellow ministers.

BBC Question Time
, environment minister
David Miliband said (in
response to Tony Blair’s decision to step down): ‘I predict that when I come
back on this programme in six months or a year’s time, people will be saying
‘wouldn’t it be great to have that Blair back because we can’t stand that Gordon

In an attempt to explain the statement, he added: ‘Whoever’s in, it’s one of
those things in government, people have a whack at you. That’s part of the joy
of politics. What I will say is that this country is richer, fairer, more
confident than it was 10 years ago and we should be grateful for it.’

Miliband said he was not suggesting that Gordon Brown would not be a suitable

‘I think Gordon Brown will be the prime minister. I think he will be a very
successful prime minister, but I think that in politics it is at election time
that people make their judgements,’ he said.

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