Students happy with CIPFA’s exam moves

Students affected by the CIPFA exams fiasco this week welcomed the steps the institute has taken to rectify the mistakes which slipped into examination papers.

CIPFA was heavily criticised in January for an error in the P1 Information Management and Control paper. At the time, students voiced their concerns over how CIPFA would take the mistake into account when papers were marked.

Despite the fears, 55% of candidates passed the P1 exams, in line with results from previous years.

Speaking to Accountancy Age, CIPFA’s director of education and training Ken Gill said: ‘We dealt with the problem from the examining process properly and in detail. Students I have spoken to since are satisfied with our actions and we have pledged to review the verification and proofing procedures.’

Auditors have been called in to review the Education and Training Directorate’s operations following the blunders. The work is expected to be undertaken within the next two to three months.

P1 student Pamela Trickey, audit assistant at North Tyneside Council and one of the students who sat the Information Management and Control paper, agreed that the institute had responded to the exam problem positively.

‘Ken Gill spoke to me personally and explained that CIPFA had pulled all the question sixes and had them independently marked. I was more than satisfied with the way the institute eventually dealt with the mistake,’ she said.

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