‘Sadly’ Darling is here to stay, say readers

Accountancy Age readers have delivered a withering verdict on chancellor
Alistair Darling, saying that he will ‘sadly’ still be around by the end of

Asked for their views on whether Darling would last the year, an embarrassing
44% of them answered ‘Yes, sadly he will still be around.’ A further 38% of
respondents said: ‘No, he’ll be gone,’ suggesting he is ‘rubbish’.

Only 12% said he is an ‘excellent chancellor’ and will still be in office,
with 7% agreeing with the comment: ‘No [he won’t be gone], but if he goes it
will be undeserved.’

The views of readers suggest disillusion with the chancellor has set in
early. Darling only took up the post in the middle of last year.

The poll was easily the most popular of those conducted recently on, drawing almost 500 responses.

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