Levy Gee brand to go in 2002

‘Firms that join our group will work under their own brand as a member of the Numerica Group,’ he said. After six months they will switch to the Numerica brand.

Bristol-based firm NMGW and London firm Jayson Newman, acquired in July and August this year, will also take the Numerica brand next year.

It is expected the group will raise up to Pounds 25m from a flotation once market conditions are more favourable. ‘An IPO is just one of a number of avenues we are considering,’ Sarin said.

The three firms on board the Numerica model have been confirmed as the core of the group, but it is understood that Numerica is in talks with other firms.The targeted firms are understood to be in the Pounds 2m – Pound 5m fee income range. An announcement on the branding of the firm’s audit business is also expected soon.

Meanwhile, further mystery consolidators could be unveiled before the end of the year. Unconfirmed sources have suggested Baker Tilly may be looking at continuing to grow its business through public shareholders, following phenomenal growth over the last two or three years.

National managing partner Laurence Longe said he hadn’t ruled out or in the possibility of growing the firm by means other than the traditional partnership model.


Levy Gee enters consolidation race

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