Roffe Swayne goes digital with dictation

Roffe Swayne has managed to free up hours of fee-earner time with the
implementation of a digital dictation software solution, which has slashed the
time spent on dictating and producing documents.

The BigHand technology allows partners to dictate client letters and other
similar documents directly into a computer, laptop or Blackberry, which in turn
enables secretaries to type up documents within 24 hours.

Jeremy Rogers, IT Manager at Roffe Swayne, said before implementing BigHand
it could take days for letters to be typed up by secretaries as partners and fee
earners wanted to use the entire length of a monologue tape before handing it on
to typists.

Now, digital recordings were made available immediately and typed up within a

‘The technology has streamlined the entire dictation process and saved fee
earners large amounts of time,’ Rogers said.

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