European anti-terror plan ‘too bureaucratic’

European Commission draft guidelines that would insist on the registration of
all non-profit organisations, to guard against abuse by terrorist groups, have
been criticised by the London-based Institute of Chartered Secretaries and

The ICSA has warned that the guidelines, also suggesting charities have
‘know-your-donor’ policies, could be excessively over bureaucratic.

The institute recommends significant redrafting, maybe splitting the
guidelines into sections on transparency and accountability; plus preventing
terrorists and other criminals exploiting charities.

Without this, there is a ‘risk of overburdening the sector’ and hampering the
effectiveness of the guidelines, the institute said. It also challenged the
assumption that charities and non-profit organisations are particularly at risk
of being exploited by terror groups, saying there was ‘no evidence’ to justify

The European Fundraising Association said the proposals could help the
ongoing drafting of a global code of ethics for fundraising, which will address
the issue of terrorist financing.

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