Union rejects claim of over-staffing at HMRC

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A union leader representing senior staff at
HM Revenue and
has dismissed claims that it could manage with half as many staff.

Last week, former trade minister Digby Jones told MPs that Whitehall could be
run with half as many civil servants. But
Association of Revenues
and Customs
President Terry Cook said more, not fewer, tax inspectors were
needed to deal effectively with growth in tax avoidance and evasion cases.

‘Digby Jones thinks that the civil service could manage with half as many
people,’ he said. ‘HMRC is beleaguered by powerful tax consultancies dedicated
to undermining tax in any way they can. And following the credit crunch
businesses are looking to reduce their overheads as much as possible. Tax is one
of those costs, so we can expect to see even more pressure on my members.’

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