Taking Stock – PwC show is a class act.

Frilly knickers and cross-dressing were the order of the day at last week’s PwC panto, and TS has only just recovered from a severe bruise on the head, delivered by a rapid-fire bag of chocs (thrown by staff during a short interval). But watching accountants make complete fools of themselves in front of an audience of thousands made the experience thoroughly worthwhile as surely those ‘global’ people normally try to avoid the limelight. High praise must go to the Robin Hood cast, which starred Nigel Haynes as the wicked sheriff, Jane Guilfoyle as Robin, Katie Jones as Maid Marian and John Huskinson as the hapless Herman. They threw themselves into their roles with such relish that it was hard to believe they really work for the firm. The sheriff could have poked someone’s eye out with the codpiece he was wearing. Not that the kids would have cared in the least. Audience participation was such that all TS could hear was shouting as they joined together to scream the ‘secret password’ (Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen – hooray! – Remember that next time you’re negotiating fees with PwC. It may come in handy.) Special mention must, however, go to the Dame of the moment – Nurse Norah. James Parker was absolutely brilliant in the role, but where did that Scottish accent come from? TS presumes that he (or she) is practicing in time for the student moves up to ICAS.

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