New role for KPMG’s Alan Reid

Alan Reid will be stepping aside as chairman of KPMG International Management Consulting on 1 July 1998 to become chief financial officer of KPMG in the UK.

“Moving the head of consulting into the finance function was seen as a way to improve our wider business perspective and also recognise the important role that consultancy has in the firm nowadays,” he said.

Reid also explained that he was asked to move across to run the management consulting practice four years ago while it was restructuring, but that becoming a consultant was not his first career choice. The move comes as KPMG is in the process of making a series of global changes that have yet to be announced.

“We wanted to make these changes and then the merger talks came along.

When the merger talks failed we looked at our organisation and decided that the American practice should take the lead in the internationalisation of our consultancy practice.”

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