Council disappointed at one star audit rating

Rutland Council has received the
lowest performance rating in the
East Midlands
following its assessments by public spending watchdog, the
Audit Commission.

Rutland received just one star, while neighbouring councils, Lincolnshire and
Northamptonshire were awarded two stars and Leicestershire achieved a top four
star rating.

The assessment pulls together the results of different reports made by the
Audit Commission and other inspectorates to provide a complete picture of how a
council is performing.

Two weeks ago Rutland’s housing services received a no star rating and it is
this report that brought down the overall rating.

Individual service ratings were not as bad, with benefits scoring 4, Children
and Young People’s Services, 3, Environment, 3, and Adult Social Care, 3,

Rutland County Council chief executive Helen Briggs said the majority of its
services performed well and it was disappointed that it was now a one star

‘We are achieving a lot as a council and the three and four star ratings
received for the majority of our services are a more accurate reflection of how
we are performing,’ she said.

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