Profile – Scott Allin, Bentley Jennison

Scott Allin is staking his auditing career on the success of the Welsh public sector.

Allin, recently appointed by chartered accountant Bentley Jennison as senior manager for public-sector audit and consulting in Wales, has a long track record in the public sector.

After working for the Property Services Agency in London – then part of the Department of Environment – he moved to the National Audit Office in 1985 and qualified as an accountant with CIPFA in 1988.

‘The civil service needed a shake-up and I wanted to work in the public sector,’ he explains. ‘While working with the property services, I came into contact with the National Audit Office and they offered me a job.’

‘The NAO was a useful government tool to bring executive departments with vast sums of public money to account,’ he says.

But in 1989, being ‘born and bred Welsh’, Allin returned to South Wales where he was a senior business auditor with Standard Chartered Bank, before going on to manage the treasury department.

In 1992 he was appointed head of finance at the Welsh Funding Councils, where he set up the organisation’s finance function. In the wake of government legislation passed that year, the Welsh Funding Council was charged with monitoring the financial performance of Welsh universities and colleges.

Allin says he savoured the challenge of starting from scratch. ‘The buzz was bringing something together from scratch and having a clean sheet of paper,’ he says.

Despite the challenges of this work, Allin explains why he decided to join Bentley Jennison. ‘Its developing its base in Wales and the public sector and I’ve always wanted to get involved in the nitty gritty of advice and consultancy.’

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