Graduates get up to speed in job search

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Last week’s event in London, attended by Big Four firms Deloitte and KPMG, saw 21 graduates face 10-minute interviews with five prospective employers in one day.

The idea has drawn heavily on the fad of speed dating, which allows people to talk to multiple potential partners one-on-one over an evening.

Both sides fill out rating cards following their interview and when both come away with positive feelings about the other, organisers Reed Graduates will place the graduates on a more formal recruitment path.

The event is an attempt to address the accelerated pace of recruitment among City and accounting firms, with many graduate recruitment schemes due to start next month with places unfilled. The organisers hope that the event will introduce graduates to a wider range of companies who they may have not considered working for before.

‘We’re delighted with the response we have had to this event,’ said Katy Nicholson, spokeswoman for Reed Graduates.

‘Every single one of the 21 graduates had at least one company they were keen on or interested in them.’

Despite the apparent success, Nicholson said it was still too early to say whether there would be any further events using this format.

Deloitte graduate recruitment partner Sarah Shillingford, said the event had been useful for companies to explain more about themselves to potential recruits and to find out about the graduates, but it was no substitution for proper research by graduates or a full interview.

She said Deloitte would be more than happy to see 15 of the candidates at the event again at interview but that all candidates would still have to go through Deloitte’s full formal recruitment process. ‘I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say this will become an important part of the recruitment process, but we are always looking for innovative ways to approach recruitment and this one definitely has some further mileage in it,’ said Shillingford.

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