HMRC takes on role of bank, accountants advise

Accountants are advising small businesses finding it difficult to pay their
January tax bills to seize the opportunity of the Chancellor’s promise to give
them ‘as long as they need’ to pay up, because of the low rates of interest
being charged by
HM Revenue
& Customs

According to Government sources, HMRC’s new Business Payment Support Service
may defer as much as £3bn in tax over the next year, The Daily

‘I think accountants will tell their clients where the best deal is. The
rates are pretty attractive for what small businesses can get. They are
ethically bound to offer all options to clients and this is a highly attractive
option,’ Chas Roy-Chowdhury,
Association of Certified
Chartered Accountants
, head of taxation, said.

John Whiting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers tax partner, said: ‘They are setting up
a service that may well like to say “yes”. It’s not a full service bank, as it
were, but it does have overtones of banking. It’s all about rescheduling money
you owe rather than borrowing more money.’

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