Hartnett promises ‘fresh start’ as podcast goes live

a forthright and honest interview
Dave Hartnett, director general
of HMRC , has
promised that the taxman is ready to make a ‘fresh start’ in its relationship
with tax advisers.

Speaking on the first set of podcasts produced by HMRC, Hartnett admits that
not enough has been done to consult advisers on their views and vows to improve
the relationship, which he describes as the ‘front line of compliance’.

Hartnett said that a culture shift would be required to
deliver on this aim, but said tax inspectors and senior HMRC officials had
already made a concerted effort to be more open with advisers and engage with
them more regularly.

The HMRC director general also promised to cut the time taken on
interventions from a year to a matter of days or weeks.

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