Website to unite councils and business

Minister for small business Nigel Griffiths said the site was an important part of the effort to make small businesses comply with regulation.

‘Small businesses are the life blood of the economy. They employ 12million people and bring in Pounds 1 trillion to the economy every year,’ he said.

‘We need to encourage a light touch approach to the enforcement ofregulation ensuring businesses are helped and coached into complying,’ Griffiths told the Local Business Partnerships Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The site,, gives advice on how to set up local business partnerships to provide a forum for businesses, Local Authorities and other regulators to work together to streamline regulation.

Griffiths highlighted the performance of five ‘beacon’ councils which have built successful partnerships with businesses in their areas. Devon, Barnsley, Kirklees, Sutton and Oxfordshire were praised for raising performance across local government.


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