Budget 2003 – ‘Disappointing and uninspiring’

Link: Budget 2003

Mark Donnelly – Virgin Radio: ‘Uninspiring. There were no surprises although the growth forecasts seem a bit optimistic. Hitting 2-2.5% would be a result. I don’t think it will impact on our business. I would have liked tax legislation simplified’

Nigel Addison Smith – E-bookers FD: ‘The thing that hits the travel industry most is unemployment, so anything to tackle that is beneficial. NI rises will reduce disposable income, but people will use the website to ensure they get value for money’

Annie Guerard – Diesel FD: ‘A difficult Budget due to economic fears and the need to stabilise consumer confidence. On the high street, big brands are surviving but there will be a shake-up. After the war, or in six months, there will be tax rises’

Les Jones – World Wildlife Fund FD: ‘We are disappointed there is not a lot of money for charities. Despite campaigns to cancel irrecoverable VAT, nothing was done. And we wanted gift aid rules simplified. We still have to account to the Revenue for gift aid’.

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