Morley reception used to treat injured

A marketing manager from Morley & Scott’s Tavistock Square office has
spoken about the bomb blast that destroyed the top deck of a double decker bus
directly outside the firm’s front door.

Taha Dharsi, who works in marketing for the Top 50 firm, said: ‘At first we
thought it might be noise from building work. This was about 9:40.

‘We then found people who had been hurt wheeled into our reception, although
at that stage paramedics had not arrived. Our first aid team went to the scene
to help.

‘Some people were very seriously injured, with one woman covered in blood and
with her right eye bandaged.’

The blast had happened right outside the offices of the British Medical
Association, Dharsi said.

‘We got instructions to evacuate the building at around 10 o’clock. The
emergency services have been tremendous,’ he added.

About 40 to 50 staff work in the Tavistock square office, all of whom have
been accounted for and have now returned home, Dharsi confirmed.

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