Taking Stock – Well wed and well read but Mother came too …

Some people believe in taking a copy of the Accountancy Age wherever they go – even when they are getting married. TS can officially announce a world first this week with news that a company accountant and his new wife – a finance officer – take the ‘The Age’ so seriously that it even appeared in their wedding photos. Tony and Lynette Dyer were recently wed at Cams Hall Estate Golf Club in Fareham, Hampshire, and Tony sent TS this lovely picture of his special day. ‘To have a bride reading Accountancy Age in front of her groom on her wedding day must be somewhat of an achievement,’ he said. Tony, a company accountant for a recruitment firm, Matchmaker Personnel and his wife, a finance officer for Southampton Institute of Higher Education, admit to getting funny looks from people when they discover the couple are both accountants. TS wonders what sort of looks they got from their guests when Lynette produced her favourite newspaper. Still, it appears that the last laugh went to Tony’s parents, who ended up on the same flight as the newly-weds who were off on their honeymoon. The ‘kids’ found out too late that his parents had, a month prior to the honeymoon booking, arranged their own wedding anniversary treat to exactly the same destinations. ‘They were too embarrassed to tell us, even though they were staying at a different hotel. But as they were on the same flight as us from Hong Kong to Bali, they knew they couldn’t avoid us and so sprang a surprise on us at Hong Kong airport.’

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