Sir Digby had his pick of Big Four offers

In an interview with Accountancy Age this week, Sir Digby said that
several of the Big Four spoke to him about filling various roles.

‘Over the past year the other big firms talked to me quite a lot. The big
choice I had to make was about KPMG, where I used to work. KPMG is a damn good
firm, it has nice people and it was a very difficult decision,’ Sir Digby said.

‘But what Deloitte was offering just seemed to me in terms of what I’ll be
doing a really good way forward for what will be a part-time post. It is going
to be about half my time.’

Sir Digby was appointed senior adviser to Deloitte chief executive John
Connolly and as head of the Deloitte industries group last week.

The departing director-general of the CBI had been vice–chairman of corporate
finance at KPMG before taking on his industry leader role.

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