Online software rival targets SAP

Analysts believe accountancy software provider SAP could lose users when a
competitor – NetSuite – launches an ‘add-on’ enabling clients to use
internet-based software instead.

David Bradshaw, an IT analyst for technology researcher IDC, said SAP could
lose customers because clients could be lured away to use NetSuite’s online – or
software-as-a-service (SaaS) – product.

Bradshaw expects NetSuite to target the subsidiaries of SAP’s larger clients.
He said: ‘There is a possibility that companies with lots of subsidiaries, such
as SAP clients, will use other technology that is a lot less heavy-weight, such
as NetSuite.’

A spokeswoman for SAP said: ‘NetSuite’s only hand to play is to say that it’s
SaaS or bust.’

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