Expanding AT Kearney breaks $1bn fee barrier

AT Kearney’s worldwide consultancy practice saw revenues break the $1bn fee barrier at the end of 1997. Gross fees increased by 22 per cent to $1.1bn, giving the firm its 14th consecutive year of double-digit growth.

“Co-operation with EDS has enabled us to grow faster, particularly in new markets,” said Jan-Willem Broekhuysen (right), MD of AT Kearney in the UK. “Our growth is based on integrated technology and consultancy projects between EDS and our Enterprise Solutions Team (EST). We want to implement strategy, operations and technology in an integrated way.”

The firm, which put IT expansion top of its strategy and became a wholly owned subsidiary of EDS for that reason, has been putting money back into its operations: over the last two years it has opened offices in India and Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina. This year it is planning to do the same in South Africa.

“Not many organisations can provide IT and consultancy on a global basis.

Some of our competitors haven’t got offices in all new markets – that is why we are doing this,” said Broekhuysen.

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