Pegasus: Customers will benefit

The company recently announced plans to discontinue two offerings from its software range, a move managing director Paul White viewed as necessary ‘in a bid to concentrate on our most important products’.

Alterations to its range followed’s acquisition of the company earlier this year and a subsequent focus on the business. ‘The review of our products was no great surprise, but the results will enable us to take the business forward. As a result of the review we will be withdrawing support for the Senior and Paypoint packages from next year’, said White.

‘Our business scope isn’t narrowing, but will be increasingly focused.

Areas such as e-commerce, e-business and CRM are areas we will be looking to fulfil. We need to carry the business forward and we will carry our customers with us,’ he added.

Pegasus has also moved to allay fears customers will be left without support, although White admitted the review represented an opportunity for its competitors. A number of Pegasus rivals believe the review would lead to an increase in interest in them from disaffected Pegasus customers.

Exchequer, for example, claims Pegasus SME customers are being abandoned.

But White argued: ‘For customers using products we are withdrawing, we have created inexpensive alternatives for them, and are giving 12 months’ notice of our intentions.’

Meanwhile, Pegasus revealed it will roll out a second version of its flagship product Opera32 by September’s end.

It is understood the package has been the focus of intense development throughout the summer. The new version will include added web-based reporting capabilities and e-mail integration. The company said despite the expected launch of Opera 2, there were no plans to withdraw the Opera. ‘We’re not dropping it. We’re putting lots of money into it,’ White said.

An XML e-business gateway is due for release at the end of the year.

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