Getting ahead of the big boys

I was really interested in your article Outsourcing makes a comeback.

This is one instance were the smaller end of the marketplace is ahead of thebig boys.

We have been running an outsourcing facility for small, medium enterprisesfor the last year. In fact its our first birthday this week.

The company was developed by two accountants who wanted to combine theefficiencies of up and coming technology with an experienced team offinancial professionals to offer affordable high level financial support tothe SME marketplace.

The government’s encouragement of entrepreneurs is very heartening but ‘agood idea’ isn’t enough to survive in today’s competitive environment. Asyou know it’s a juggling act for many small businesses and start uporganisations, between the demands of government legislation, keeping an eyeon the cash flow and finally managing their business.

We have a wide range of clients primarily in the high tech sector for whomwe provide financial management services ranging from bookkeeper to financedirector level. For most of our clients we have become almost an integralpart of their business offering all the benefits that sound finance supportcan give them and their future success without the substantial recruitmentand ongoing costs that an in-house position would incur.

An additional benefit is we can be ?turned up? or ?down? in line with theirbusiness needs.

Cathy McAuley

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