Tories demand Jowell statement on Olympics VAT bill

The Tories are demanding a statement from
Tessa Jowell, the
minister for Culture, Media and Sport to parliament over claims that she hid a
£1bn VAT bill from cost of hosting the
Olympic Games from the public.

Demands that Jowell come clean over the VAT bill, were sparked by
Jack Lemley, the Olympic
boss who quit over the very issue.

He also alleged that the East London site for the games had a massive problem
with contamination, including buried drugs of radioactive material.

Conservative MPs claim that public support for the Games would drain away if
Jowell was not honest about the cost, and that she had a duty to explain

The £1bn VAT bill was revealed by KPMG in a report.

A spokesperson for the DCMS claimed it did not provide ‘a detailed commentary
on every conversation or meeting’ and said preparations for the London Olympics
are completely on schedule.

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