Cranfield explores gender differences

Gender is not as important as age, length of service, and similarity of outlook when choosing people for leadership positions, according to new research by the Cranfield School of Management.

The survey, Demographics and leadership philosophy: exploring gender differences, questioned 7,500 board level and general managers. It shows that the quality of management, communication, clarity of vision, and the ability to relate within the top team and across the firm are no different in men or women. But these qualities do not help women make it into top management; only a minority do so.

The City of Women’s Network agrees: “We have carried out research into the FTSE 100 companies which shows that well under 1 per cent of boardroom appointments at this level are held by women,” said Naomi King, vice-chair of CWN. It found that of the 1,200 directorships, 40 women currently hold 52 appointments.

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