Compleat launches web procurement software for FDs

Compleat, a financial software supplier, has released online invoicing
software which it says will make procurement quicker and more efficient.

The software, called V2.5, lets customers process invoices online, a feature
the company says will help finance directors make cash flow forecasts in real

Neil Robertson, chief executive officer at Compleat, said: ‘The invoice
system at the moment is appalling. You can place an order and the finance
director won’t know what the company has spent until an invoice turns up,
sometimes weeks later.’

He added: ‘Recession makes cash flow management the priority for every
organisation. Over the course of 2009 corporate success will depend upon the
ability for businesses to carefully manage cash flow and the only approach that
allows for thorough planning of a company’s cash is having complete visibility
of all cash commitments.’

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