ERP – CA’s Masterpiece gets Prestige

After going into a chrysalis for several months, the Masterpiece range of software originally developed by Computer Associates has metamorphosed into Masterpiece/Net from Prestige Software.

Last November, CA reorganised its accounts software development business and set up Prestige to carry the product forward. Since then, the parent company launched a hostile bid for US computer services rival Computer Sciences, which looks likely to end in failure when CA’s $9.18bn (z5.67bn) offer expires on 16 March.

Prestige senior vice president Laura Hills, who visited the UK at the end of February, would not comment on CA’s expansion plans but insisted, ‘Masterpiece is back.’

Following corporate reorganisation, Prestige shifted the Masterpiece development strategy from the traditional client/server route to Internet-based software using the Java programming language.

‘We wanted to extend the reach of the accounting solution internally, but also to customers and trade partners,’ said Hills.

Masterpiece/Net began shipping in the US in December and was made available to UK customers in February. Prestige said the multicurrency, multilingual product is euro-ready and year-2000 compliant. It is suited for organisations with more than z100m turnover.

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