Big Five – E&Y ‘slimdown’

In an unusual move, the current managing partner, Bill Pike, will be replaced by Nick Gomer, who heads the firm’s Norwich office.

Gomer will include the Cambridge role with his current responsibilities while Pike is joining the corporate finance team as a partner. Prior to joining the Norwich office a year ago, Gomer spent ten years in the firm’s Luton office.

‘We have been streamlining our structure as part of our new approach, where specialist services are available to clients from any part of the central region, which encompasses West and East Midlands as well as East Anglia,’ said Gomer.

‘Through this structure we can add value by delivering specialist expertise to clients, wherever they are in the region. As part of maximising the benefits from this approach, we have decided to unify the management of the two offices in the East Anglian practice.’

Pike denied strongly that the move was related to a recent out-of-court settlement involving a former Ernst & Young employee. ‘It has got absolutely nothing to do with that at all,’ he said.

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