Chancellor’s files hacked

The chancellor’s accountants Auerbach Hope called in the police toe information relating to Gordon Brown’s personal accounts, writes Jonah Bloom. investigate the leaking of a series of letters addressed to the chancellor, his assistant Ed Balls and whip Lord Haskel. The firm has also begun an internal investigation.

‘We’re looking closely at what happened,’ said partner Irvin Fishman.

‘We don’t think a staff member is responsible; we think the information has been accessed by a low-level computer hacker. Presumably, it’s an attempt to embarrass Mr Brown,’ he added.

According to Fishman, the leaked information was relatively innocent: ‘Just a couple of “please find enclosed” letters. Nevertheless, we are taking it very seriously,’ he said.

Fishman said the chancellor’s actual accounts are under lock and key at the firm’s offices in Berners Street, London.

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