US prosecutors seek tougher sentence for Conrad Black

Convicted media mogul Conrad Black has earned the wrath of US prosecutors,
who have now asked for harsher sentences against him.

The former chairman of The Daily Telegraph, who was
convicted of four counts of fraud and
obstruction of justice in July, has spent the last three months courting the
media, appearing on talk shows and granting interviews, insisting that he did
nothing wrong.

But his apparent ‘lack of remorse’ has been used by prosecutors, now seeking
a tough sentence along with two other former Hollinger executives for
stealing £3m, it reported.

‘To this day, Black maintains his offences of conviction were “rubbish” and
“nonsense”,’ lead prosecutor Eric Sussman wrote in court filings. ‘Black insists
he did “absolutely nothing” wrong and that he has been “unjustly convicted”…
[and] makes clear that he would engage in the very same conduct again if given
the opportunity. Out of all the defendants, Black has been the most vocal in his
lack of remorse and his refusal to recognise the offence.’

The US state attorney has publicly said it is seeking an imprisonment for
Black for at least 15 years, but a court document suggested a jail term of not
less than 24 years.

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