AA Awards 2008: Annual Report – Business

National Grid Annual Report 2008

National Grid Annual Report 2008

National Grid aims to be ‘the foremost international electricity and gas
company’. If nothing else, it is foremost this year in the annual report:
business category.

This is a company with huge significance for many stakeholders, whether it is
people concerned about the environment or those on its lengthy shareholder
register, so pleasing everyone must be a huge challenge.

The judges said the report was packed with huge amounts of information and
has extensive detail about the group’s activities, with something for every

The report is split through means of ‘tabs’ for each area: Business Overview,
Operating and Financial Review, Corporate Governance, Directors’ Reports,
Financial Statements and Shareholder Information.

This year, National Grid introduced organisation and corporate structure
charts, as well as an expanded glossary section and list of definitions. The
company says it was looking for a ‘robust and comprehensive narrative’.

Website improvements helped reduce print runs, especially important given
that the group has one of the largest shareholder registers in the UK, meaning
it had a significant impact on its environmental performance. The colour-coded
report makes it easier to navigate and digest.

Looking through the list of nominees, National Grid will be pleased to have
beaten Game, which produced an eye-catching report, and WPP, often winners in
this category and whose knowledge of the best way to communicate hardly needs
any introduction.

Stand out report

The company takes the view that its report should not just be a way of
communicating its vision, but it should also be ‘foremost’ in its own right. It
should demonstrate its values, especially its commitment to safeguarding our
global environment. It also embeds corporate governance as an integral part of
each section.

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