HMRC chiefs enjoy significant pay rises

HM Revenue & Customs’
has shown that its senior figures enjoyed a percentage pay increase
almost twice that of rank-and-file employees.

HMRC top brass received salary increases over the past year in the region of
6-7%, twice the rate of inflation and almost double the increases earned by
their employees.

Chairman Paul Gray scooped between £165,000 and £170,000 in 2006/7, a 6% rise
on his £155,000 to £160,000 pay packet in the tax body’s previous financial
year. Workforce Change Programme chief Mike Hanson raked in £135,000 to
£140,000, an increase of more than 7%.

The disclosures will do nothing to appease union representatives unhappy
with recent job cuts. The Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents
80,000 HMRC staff, is gearing up to canvass its members on strike action in
response to the lay-offs.

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