Iris launches against Line50

Known as Iris Accounts Office, the product aims to eat into Sage’s dominance
of the small business software market. Both companies have spent years trying to
secure the lucrative software market for accounting practices and their clients.

While Iris has a bigger market share among accounting practitioners than
Sage, Line50 has proved the most popular accounting software for small

Iris director Rob Steele said feedback from practices representing 2,500
clients viewed the product as ‘relevant’: ‘That’s just from the first month of
practice workshops. We’re extremely confident it will be viewed well,’ he said.

Practitioners’ clients remain in charge of their own data, and can
‘synchronise’ their information with that held by the practice when required,
such as towards year end.

Steele said this ‘drip-feed’ of information between the two parties was
implemented because many small businesses were not yet ready to have their
business information hosted on the internet, preferring to keep control of data

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