Tesco won’t shelve case despite Guardian apology


Tesco is to press ahead with its libel action against the Guardian
despite the national newspaper’s apology for inaccuracies in reporting of the
supermarket giant’s tax affairs.

The Guardian apologised for saying the supermarket’s complex tax
avoidance structures related to corporation tax, now agreeing that it was a
stamp duty land tax arrangement. It also admitted the claim that Tesco was
avoiding up to £1bn in tax was incorrect and a more probable figure was around

While the newspaper was prepared to admit these errors it, gave a robust
defence over its coverage of Tesco. ‘We remain ready to defend our journalism ­
in court, if necessary. We believe these matters should be subject to debate and
scrutiny and we invite informed analysis from any readers with an experience in
accountancy or tax law. It is our hope that the resulting debate should help
illuminate future discussions from MPs, journalists and other members of civil

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘The Guardian Media Group has a serious case to
answer and we look forward to receiving their defence.’

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