Lords tell FSA to monitor banking system

house of lords

Regulators at the FSA
have been told to resume meetings with bank auditors to keep themselves better
informed about the banking system by a Lords committee probing the crisis.

Peers on the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee said it was
‘regrettable’ that supervisors ceased meeting with auditors, who told them that
information sharing had become less effective when the FSA took responsibility
for supervising the banking system.

The report, on the causes of the banking crisis, said there was ‘no evidence
that bank auditors failed in their statutory duty to make a going-concern
judgment on their clients’ and made it clear they ‘should not be required to
make a more general judgment on the quality of their client’s’ strategies’.

It added: ‘It is unlikely that auditors would be more able than financial
supervisors to identify structural problems in the financial sector.’

The report also defended ‘mark-to-market’ accounting and urged supervisors to
‘identify ways to ensure that it does not amplify the economic cycle’.

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