Taking Stock – Naturally, it’s all in the genes.

New research from the US has finally confirmed non-accountants’ unrelenting conviction that accountants are boring.

A US psychological study has found that accountants are born boring, The Sun told us this week.

In fact, it is understood that clinical psychologists carrying out the research had a tough time keeping awake.

Many outsiders thought that the sheer mind-numbing drudgery of the job decreased an accountant’s ability to be interesting.

But, no, the dullness is in their genes. Accountants lack ’emotional intelligence’ making it hard to socialise and make friends, according to the research.

Clinical psychologist Sally Edman was reported to have told a Washington conference that accountants ‘are moody, and less interesting than others.

We found people choose professions they think will suit them’.

Indeed, The Sun told TS that they have been inundated with calls from hundreds of irate accountants bent on defending their charisma and fun-loving personalities.

One caller to the temporary hotline said: ‘We’re not boring at all. I work in a firm where we have booze in the office!’

A similarly mind-boggling comment came from the accountant recruiting agency’s Jeremy Price who said: ‘Our lot play hard. They like lapdancing clubs and snowboarding.’

TS wonders what other exciting antics accountants get up to in their time off? The Sun on Saturday promises to spill the beans.

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