FDs back Bush for UK economy

Link: Accountancy donors rally behind Bush campaign

The latest Accountancy Age/Reed Finance survey found that 47% of FDs believe Bush is the man to aid the UK economy over the next four years. Only 27% thought a John Kerry win would have benefited Britain.

‘The UK economy is so closely linked to that of the US that business confidence is better protected by the current administration. Therefore Bush is better for continuity of that confidence,’ one FD said. ‘Better the devil you know,’ said another.

Kerry supporters in our survey backed the Democrat less for his policies than for the opportunity to have a new president.

‘The UK’s continuing involvement in the Iraq war is having a detrimental effect on the UK economy, and Kerry is likely to have pulled troops out sooner than Bush,’ said one FD.

The survey results appear to confirm that accountants preferred Bush. Accountancy Age revealed two weeks ago that almost £1m of Bush’s campaign war chest was contributed by accountants.

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