New life for Catsoft.

Catsoft, the asset management software house, is to change its name and launch a rebranded website as part of global expansion plans. The company will ditch the old Catsoft website and name and adopt the new moniker of Assetware Technology as of 1 September. The move comes just weeks after Pegasus dumped five of its old products to concentrate its efforts on e-business offerings and highlighting a period of high activity in the IT sector as companies seek to reposition themselves. Catsoft also intends to rationalises its products and launch a new range. It also plans to create a new public sector division. A major new website will attempt to pull in more business for the renamed company and focusses attention on the increasing importance of doing business via the internet. The move will also help Catsoft overcome problems it has encountered internationally of coming across other enterprises with the same name. Catsoft has clients in southern Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and many European countries and wants a brand that will be distinguishable wherever they do business. Managing director Stephen Moriarty, said: ‘One of the key reasons was the fact that our old name, Catsoft, is used in a number of countries in Europe and worldwide by organisations as diverse as a Harley Davidson motor cycle dealer and a company providing a feeline healthcare guide. ‘With the rapid expansion of our presence into Europe and beyond, we wanted to pre-empt any possible confusion.’ He added: ‘The change of name to Assetware Technology is a more accurate reflection of what we do and will help strengthen the market’s perception of our products and services.’

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