Arctic judgment is ‘common sense’

The Arctic judgment is ‘common sense’, an adviser closely associated with the
Arctic Systems case has said.

Speaking outside the House of Lords, where a judgment in the Joneses favour
was delivered this morning, Anne Redston of the CIoT, who has been following the
case more closely than almost any other adviser, said she was ‘delighted’: ‘The
Lords have seen common sense, and good judgment has prevailed. The only
disappointment is that it has taken so long and created so much uncertainty.’

Keith Gordon, who represented the Joneses, said: ‘The judgment is clearly
good news for the Joneses and the hundreds of thousands of couples who work in
family owned businesses.

‘At each stage Mr and Mrs Jones could have just paid the tax demanded and
thrown in the towel. However, they decided to stick to their guns and stood up
for family owned companies.’

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