Robson Rhodes enters liquidation talks over CRE conference company

A spokesman confirmed corporate recovery partners Mike Hoare and Simon Bowers had entered discussions with CRE directors with a view to placing GCDC into liquidation.

GCDC 2000 became national news when the planned Global Cultural Diversity Congress collapsed amid financial problems.

The conference, due to be held next month, had received sponsorship from several large firms and has received support from Tony Blair.

Robson Rhodes’ entry into the controversy follows an audit of GCDC 2000 which raised questions about the company.

The audit was ordered when CRE approached the Home Office looking for more money.

Bob Puukiss, chairman of GCDC, said: ‘I greatly regret what has happened. Clearly the Board has to accept responsibility for any mistakes that were clearly made in the running of this company set up to deliver the congress.’

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