Former Enron bosses labeled ‘liars’

Former Enron bosses Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling have been accused of
being liars and cheats who stole from investors to line their pockets and to
boost their egos.

Government prosecutor Kathy Ruemmler told jurors in Houston that the case
centred around ‘the lies these men told and the choices they made’.

She added: ‘There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting rich but you can’t
get rich by deception, by cheating,’

According to the BBC, Lay and Skilling were dealt a major blow last week when
judge ruled that jurors could find the men guilty of deliberately avoiding
knowledge of massive fraud, under a ruling called the ‘ostrich instruction’.

The ruling means prosecutors can present a lower burden of proof to be

The defence will make its closing arguments on Tuesday, and the jury is
expected to begin its deliberations on Wednesday.

Lay and Skilling are accused of trying to hide $32bn (£18bn) of debts at

They deny any wrongdoing.

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