IBM wins first IMC certificate

IBM Management Consultancy has been awarded Certified Practice status by the Institute of Management Consultancy, having undergone a comprehensive audit of its own internal training and development.

A further 16 provisional Certified Practices have declared their intention to align their internal training programmes with the updated Certified Management Consultant (CMC) qualification, awarded in the UK by the IMC alone. Each practice will undergo a full training, development and assessment audit by IMC and an external assessor, and will be asked to demonstrate that all consultants are actively encouraged to learn and develop professional skills.

Following successful completion of the audit, Certified Practices will prepare and recommend their consultants for the internationally recognised CMC qualification.

Russell Kyte, principal in IBM Management Consultancy said: “With Certified Practice status given by external validation, we are seen to be promoting best practice and ‘celebrating’ it: by that I mean gaining respect in the business community for our profession, for our firm, for the services we offer and above all else, for our people.”

The audit examined all aspects of the HR and development policies of the consultancy. Individuals were interviewed and the ethos of the firm, especially the commitment to professional standards, was examined.

Paul Brown, IMC’s professional registrar, said: “Even the largest and best known firms need to demonstrate to their staff and potential recruits their commitment to continuing improvement in a profession which is constantly changing, expanding and refocusing. I am delighted that these practices are standing up to be externally assessed on the training support they provide for their consultants.”

Provisional Certified Practices include KPMG, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, ICL Business Consulting and PA Consulting. For a full list see IMC journal.

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