ICAEW facing members’ revolt

Campaigners have secured the necessary member signatures to force the institute to hold an extraordinary general meeting on plans to reorganise its local members’ structure into ten regions.

Organisers of the EGM bid, which could cost the institute up to Pounds 100,000, will meet next week with Graham Ward, ICAEW president, and secretary general John Collier. But the campaigners believe the institute is unlikely to change its position.

The row began last year following proposals to scrap the infrastructure supporting the 22 societies, replacing it with ten regional bodies. Staff have been made redundant and forced to apply for jobs in the new structure.

Don Heady, one of the joint organisers of the campaign, told Accountancy Age: ‘The institute has lost sight of what it is all about. It’s behaving like big business, not a professional body.’

Heady said the societies were being taken over by the institute’s central organisation, and most district society presidents seemed happy to lose their independence.

Heady and co-organiser of the requisition, Noel Kelleway, both from the South East Essex society, needed 1,180 signatures – one per cent of the institute’s membership – and have been collecting the names since Christmas.

Collier said this week: ‘We have not yet received from them the formal requisition calling for an EGM. Staging such an unnecessary meeting is likely to cost our members between £50,000 and £100,000, depending on the size of the documentation.’


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