PwC clamps down on fleet emissions

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
will be restricting employees’ choice of new vehicles to those emitting a
maximum of 265g of CO2 per km, in an effort to reduce the impact of its car
fleet on the environment.

Employees at the accountancy firm have been able to select cars from an wide
range of models which includes ‘green’ cars as well as petrol-guzzlers through a
contract hire scheme, Employee Benefits reports.

‘Quite a small population will be affected by this, but they will know that
we do a lot around corporate social responsibility and hopefully our drivers
will understand our reasons for doing this,’ Carolyn Wilkinson, PwC senior
employee benefits manager, said.

The firm plans to continue to clamp down on the use of vehicles with high
levels of carbon emissions over the next 12 months by reviewing the CO2 cap and
communicating to staff the potential tax breaks available for drivers of green

story in Employee Benefits

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