Ward makes ‘accounting’ plea to EU

Speaking in Bruges during the closing ceremony of the academic year of the College d’Europe, Ward said these principles were ‘transparency, accountability and integrity’.

He added: ‘These are the principles which all chartered accountants use in their working lives: principles which help to ensure that the public and the markets retain confidence and trust in institutions, in companies and in leaders.’

The former ICAEW president called for a ‘visionary and transformational leadership’ at the EU and the ‘pressing need to invest in the European Union’s future financial infrastructure’.

The EU’s public image was also called into question, given the recent protest in Gothenburg and the Irish ‘no’ vote against the Treaty of Nice

There was, he said an ‘urgent need for a massive public relations exercise on behalf of the EU leadership to explain and inform with logic and passion’.

A recent survey conducted by the ICAEW found that nearly half of the accountancy profession believed the UK should adopt the euro.


ICAEW survey shows euro support

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