Consultants urged to be more proactive

Results showed that 66% of companies wanted a proactive and dynamic approach from their consultancy partner rather than traditional experience (15%).

Link: The Debate – Choosing consultancy services

The survey, carried out across a range of senior buyers of management consultancy who were using or looking to use external expertise, revealed that traditional methodologies and standalone project delivery was no longer relevant to today?s businesses.

It also found that 58% of businesses viewed knowledge transfer as one of the top five priorities from a consultant, while 57% of respondents put benefit-focused implementation as one of their top priorities.

Mark Williamson (pictured), part of the Partners for Change leadership team, said: ?Traditional management consultancy models are outdated and businesses are now looking for a fresh and modern approach.

?Organisations are now far more pragmatic when thinking about the long-term impact of using management consultants. They no longer want to outsource a project to a consultant and forget about it as they have realised the dependencies this can create.

?We?re delighted to see much more of a partnership approach emerging.?

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