Soccer coach Hiddink sweats on tax verdict

Guus Hiddink, coach
of the Russian national football team and
former coach of Australia’s World Cup team, will know today what a Dutch court
has ruled in relation to charges of tax fraud.

Hiddink, 60, has been accused of evading almost €1.4m (?939,000) in Dutch
taxes while falsely claiming he was a resident of Belgium in 2002 and 2003,
after returning from his job with the South Korea national team.

On February 6, prosecutors demanded he serve a 10-month jail sentence,
dismissing his claims that he had been living in Belgium as ‘a joke’.

Hiddink’s lawyer claimed that the cause for the investigation was not
legitimate, and that this was not a criminal case but a tax dispute that should
have been handled by a special tax court.

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