Streamlining causes funding anxiety

It claimed this week that uncertainty over future levels of funding could ‘jeopardise’ the attempts of both the societies and the institute to attract students in the future.

Cassl, which serves 5,000 students, said it had suffered 15 months of anxiety over its future funding from the institute and fears its income will be reduced.

The institute has been carrying out a restructuring and rebadging exercise, which includes research into the way it funds its members. As part of this, a report on the future of the student societies is due be published in May.

Christine Stocker Gibson,Cassl chief executive, said: ‘We will raise a motion at our agm in June should the report be delayed again to give us an opportunity once and for all to get the answers we are looking for.’

An official ICAEW statement, read: ‘We have incorporated many of the student societies’ comments into our thinking. Proposals to provide greater support for students as our future members will be considered by Council in May.’


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