Royalblue shines.

Working as the finance director of Royalblue is like getting a new job every year, according to Andy Malpass who is preparing to unveil the equity trading system provider’s interim results.

The FD of the techMARK-listed company, whose results are due next Monday, says: ‘With the growth rate we have achieved, I liken it to having a new job every year because we have completely new challenges every year … there isn’t a dull moment’

When he started work with royalblue in 1995, it was a small UK company with a turnover of #5m. Now the company is bringing in #57m and works with banks throughout the world and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Malpass says that his company is aware of the tough macro-economic climate that is emerging worldwide, but he insists that royalblue’s business hasn’t been hit by a downturn.

‘Banks are looking at their expenditure more carefully now but this has not has an impact on us (because) they are always looking for the latest software. It is mission-critical software so it is difficult for them to switch off the development of their technology,’ he explains.

The FD points out that, in this harsh economic climate, royalblue managed to secure its largest deal ever, a $25m (#17.5m) contract with investment bank Merrill Lynch. He says that this contract for a global trading system will power the company forward.

Malpass says that the secrets of the company’s success is the prudence of Royalblue’s accounting policies and the uniqueness of its product.

He adds: ‘My role is to ensure that all the policies and practices of the comapny are consistent with allowing rapid expansion and growth but growing in a controlled way.’

‘The strength and positioning of the product offer that we have and the fact that there’s nobody out there that can compete with us on a global scale.’

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